“I went to Steve with a pulled hamstring early in my training for the 2013 London marathon. He diagnosed the problem and likely cause of the injury and initially loosened the muscle enough to allow light training. Through a regular course of massage and specific stretches recommended by Steve I was able to build the training to about 50 miles per week and complete the race in under 3 hours 30. Given the intensive demand that marathon training puts on leg muscles, massage is critical to optimizing all that training effort in my view. I’d highly recommend Steve to other runners. Thanks, Steve!”
Ben, Southfields

“Having spent three months motorbiking around Europe, my back had completely given up the ghost and, on returning to London, could barely even finish 5k, let alone put a decent time in. Steve designed a specific action plan, combining deep tissue massage and manipulation, a regime of stretching and strengthening exercises and got me back to the point where I’m now 13 days away from a half-ironman race and am having zero trouble running 20km+ regularly. And all this inside three months.”
Alex, Clapham